Our Signature High-Intensity Interval Training Workout! Exciting and Intense, Tabata style workout that builds cardiovascular fitness while improving full body strength, building lean muscle and maximizing calorie burn. No Class is ever the same so you will continue to be challenged - Be prepared to sweat!



Brick House Bootcamp is a combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core, and functional movements to help build that BRICK HOUSE body you've always wanted! You get EVERYTHING you need in this class and work for every muscle group while burning the most fat to a bangin' playlist!  It’s time for you to rethink how you exercise. It’s time to create the strongest version of yourself.



Drop the FAT and Get LEAN!! In this TRAP CARDIO class you'll blast your cardio endurance through the roof, as we perform a total body cardio-workout to the beat of Today's Hottest Hits at 140+ BPM. Burn up to 500 calories through repetition of fun and challenging upper body, lower body and core movements. Light weights are incorporated to help tone & sculpt the body.


Let's make the BOOTY WERK!! This signature glutes class is all about Lifting, Toning, and Building the Booty! These workouts are designed to expand the gluteal muscles as we utilize moderate weights and resistance (booty) bands with our unique booty-building exercises! Hands down the THE BEST Booty Class in ATL!



Our signature weight lifting class, where we incorporate a total body barbell workout, with high-low & slow-fast movements, to the beat of the MUSIC. Improve your weight lifting form & skill, while building strength and rocking out to a banging playlist!

(Weight options: light, moderate, or slightly heavy)


due to covid-19, we are offering semi-private training only.