FXS Body Factory is a boutique fitness studio for women in Atlanta, Georgia's West Midtown-Smyrna area.  
  We deliver fun, addictive, body-changing workouts in a motivating, spa-like environment. 



We developed a 4-Part Core Class System designed to help Women of All Shapes and Sizes Build their IdeaBody! Expect 45 minutes of fat-burning, muscle-quivering, and sweat-drippin' WERK! Our sessions offer something for every body type and for every goal – we have Bootcamp workouts, high intensity, functional training workouts (HIIT), along with Cardio, Booty and Core workouts.  All of our sessions are complementary and have been curated so you can achieve the best results and build your ideal body. 


No prior experience is required for any session – our trainers will modify exercises or demonstrate alternatives to ensure that you get the most out of your workout, no matter your level of experience.  You don't need to be fit to try, getting you fit is our job!


We are boutique.  We're not a gym. We're not priced like a gym. Our small group training are capped to ensure a 1-on-1 like experience.  Our studio is intimate, not intimidating, our music is motivating and our trainers are friendly and expert - each brings a unique perspective and style to their sessions. We want our passion to be yours.


If you want to change your body but can’t find the motivation to do it alone, or simply want to add some variety to your current routine – FXS Body Factory is for you.